Motion Control

Motion Control is possibly the most important discipline within Automation Solutions today & into the future. Using prime movers with positional feedback & a tight control loop is an essential part of ensuring repeatable & definable manufacturing operations. The Motion Control element might be an electric Servo Motor & Amplifier axis or even a pneumatic Servo axis. The areas to be defined are the load itself (mass, orientation, friction, etc.) the movement required (distance, speed, obstructions) & the inter-relation of the move to other elements (camming, synchronisation, etc.)

At iAS we have many years experience whilst working with major Automation Suppliers specifying Motion Control drive systems & components for many diverse applications using Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Electric prime movers in both Linear & Rotary applications. Too often we hear of Motion Control components being applied by inexperienced companies that result in failure of the solution. Our aim is to offer the correct solution based upon our thorough knowledge of both the Manufacturing Process & Motion Control principles. We are not tied to any partners or suppliers & therefore offer a completely unbiased & balanced view to our customers. On many occasions we have reduced costs & complexity for our customers by specifying the correct components for the application rather than the components that suit the supplier.

Our innovative approach to Motion Control has lead to early adoption of Electric Servo axes being applied to heavy duty Tube Bending machinery (see Case Story) & an Asynchronous Motor with feedback loop being used to endurance test Aviation Alternators up to 18,000RPM & 250Nm.

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PLC Based Motion Control

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