End Effector Design

Irrespective of how good a Robot Kinematic may be in terms of speed, accuracy, degrees of freedom, if the End Effector is poorly designed the product can become detached & therefore limit the overall performance of the solution.

End Effecters are not just grippers or arrays of vacuum heads, they are the interface between the product & the robot, they should be considered in far more detail & enhance the automation solution rather than be an after thought like in many cases.

At iAS we have designed many different types of End Effector, incorporating some quite unique principles for holding extremely difficult product, some examples are Bread Dough, Wafers, Wrapped Product & Electronic Goods. Almost every application requires a unique viewpoint & quite often employing multiple attachment methods, ie Vacuum & Gripper.

Single Product End Effector

Design Features :-

Ejection System

Quick Change Coupling


Possibly the most under used technique implemented in End Effecters is that published by Daniel Bernoulli, this has proven to be very successful in applications completed by iAS in the past. A further method is to use driven belts to gather rather than grip the product.

Multiple Product End Effector

Design Features :-

Individual Cavity Ejection

Bernoulli Principle


We pride ourselves in developing End Effectors for our customers that completely satisfy their needs, our experiences are vital in this process & have helped us deliver low cost solutions within short periods of time.