Our Customers

Most manufacturers of consumer goods are today striving to produce products to the highest possible quality in a repeatable & defined manner, this will involve either eliminating variables such as temperature by deploying temperature stable plant & using dynamic recipe control to adjust the process to cater for less controllable influences. Unfortunately there is one factor that is difficult to predict & that is the Human factor.

In today's highly competitive market place, the need to maintain & even improve profitability often leads to strategies for reducing waste, reducing manufacturing costs, increasing production volumes & improving product quality.

iAS are perfectly positioned to assist our customers with the process of evaluation, justification & implementation of Automation Solutions. Unlike Machinery Manufacturers that produce standard products for carrying out standard operations, iAS offer custom solutions that are tailor made to our customers exact requirements, from conceptual design & simulation through to the final product delivery & commissioning.

At iAS we have a wealth of experience in both Manufacturing Processes & the application of Automation Solutions, unlike many System Integrators we are not tied to particular disciplines or suppliers & can therefore offer our customers the right solution for their needs rather than a solution that fits the suppliers needs.

Our philosophy is to understand our customers needs fully by generating a comprehensive URS (User Requirement Schedule), from this a consultation period would start to investigate the future needs of the customers by using PRINCE2 principles, only after this process can solutions be formulated & presented to the customer that meet 100% of their needs.